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Pin-eject Cylinder

Product Details

When die-cutting products, the small hole waste is discharged simultaneously, which effectively avoids damage to the blade or poor die-cutting caused by the accumulation of die-cutting waste. Easy to use, quick to install, no need to add extra accessories, air source, etc., no noise, smooth waste discharge, and protection for the blade, etc.
At present, the diameter of the waste discharge hole of our thimble tool can be as small as 0.5mm. The thimble waste discharge process ranks the top in the industry, and the appearance of the thimble tool makes the die-cut waste discharge process have a leap forward.
It is suitable for removing all kinds of die-cut small hole waste. Such as small round holes, small square holes, small strips, etc. The ideal rotary pin-eject cylinder is the first choice for waste stripping.

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