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Sheet Material Rotary Die-cutting Machine


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1.The equipment is used for die-cutting of sheet material,die-cutting self-adhesive, poker cards, clothing tag and other products.
2.The equipment has the functions of uninterrupted automatic feeding, automaticpaper supply, automatic deviation correction,double sheet detection, standardmatching die cutting, automatic waste discharge and automatic collection.
3.Using flexible die and easy to replace.Speed up to 6000 RPM, easys to operatewith only one person.
4.The front end of the device can be connected to a digital printer for onlineprinting die cutting.The back end can be extended to connect the flap discs,the material receiving of platform and other mechanisms for product collection.It can also be connected to the packaging production line. Carry out onlin die-cutting and packaging 
of productions, forming one piece.

Features Of Die Cutting

Flexible die is installed on the magnetic cylinder and sheet material runs through the gap between the top magnetic cylinder and the bottom magnetic cylinder for die cutting.This machine can be used for many kinds of die cutting, such as cut-through, kiss-cut, perforation, creasing, tearing line, etc.

Cutting Products

This machine is widely used for die cutting of self-adhesive paper, brand labels of wine, beer and liquor, garments tags and poker cards, etc. Processed materials: cardboard, coated paper, PE film, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.



设备尺寸(mm) SizeMinimum paper size


最小纸张尺寸(mm) Minimum paper size

200 (W)x275(L)

最大纸张尺寸(mm) Maximum paper size


模切精度(mm)Die cutting precision


最高模切速度(转/小时)Maximum die cutting speed (rph)

6000(主轴转速 turning speed of main roller)

纸张厚度(mm)Paper thickness


送纸台容量(张)Paper loading capacity (piece)


功能 Function

送纸、纠偏、模切、排废(小孔排废)、产品收集、双张检测、计数 paper feeding, position correction, die cutting, waste removal (micro-

perforation waste removal), finished products collecting, non-single paper

sheet testing, counting

排废最小宽度(mm)Minimum width of waste removal


工艺类型 Processing type


cut-through, kiss-cut, creasing, perforation, tearing line

模具类型 Die type

磁性刀皮   flexible die

额定电压(V)Rated voltage


额定功率(KW)Rated power


气压(Mpa)Air pressure